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Welcome to my ministry space!

All are welcome here.  All are loved here.  Yes, including you.

I may not know why you found me here, but here's what I do know: is that you are absolutely loved by a God who sees you, right where you're at.  We live in a world right now where so many people are being told by the Church that they are not welcome.  That God wouldn't love someone like them because of who they are, or how they identify.  But that's not the God of the Bible.  It's not the God that Jesus came to proclaim.  The god of today's Church is limited.  More often than not, I hear, "God couldn't do that..." when I believe in a God that's bigger than that.  A God that loves each and every person that's been created.  Which includes you and me.  

So, welcome.  It's my prayer that your time here will help you feel affirmed in who you were created to be, and that you will find resources to help you proclaim the truth loudly: that you ARE loved by God.  Just as you are.
The following is an excerpt from my memoir, Walking Towards Cordelia, available now at various online bookstores in both hardcover and paperback as well as Kindle. In many ways, it's hard to believe that this took place seven years ago today.  I'm living with HIV.  I'm a survivor. In many ways, it doesn't feel like […]
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April 5, 2022
“What is that?” “Is that a man in drag?” “That’s a facsimile of a woman.” Those are just a few of the comments that have poured in since an ad with my photo on it was posted for an upcoming luncheon with our local chamber of commerce, at which I am the featured speaker. And […]
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“You and I are living in a day and age where deconstruction — and the turning away from, or leaving the faith — has become some sort of ‘sexy thing to do.’  I contend that if you ever experience the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ — actually — that that’s really impossible to deconstruct […]
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Dear @HeGetsUs -- please don't buy a commercial spot during the #TonyAwards when the theology you promote continues to harm the #LGBTQ+ community that is watching.

Christians: "Pride goes before a fall."

Also Christians: "Buy this Bible with the words 'I'm proud to be an American'" added to it along with a bunch of extra stuff about America.

Christians to LGBTQ+ people: "stop adding things to the Bible to make it say what you want."

It's not enough for #transwomen to be excluded from competitive sports, but now apparently recreational sports are a problem in #NassauCounty. Just because a lack of - or wrong - information is making people "uncomfortable."

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"Right now, therefore, every time we get the chance, let us work for the benefit of all..." Galatians 6:10, The Message

Do you want to join me in doing this work?  Are you struggling with wondering if you're really loved by God, just as you are?  Are you wondering how to best love your LGBTQ+ child?  Reach out - I'd love to hear from you!
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