Austin Hartke, creator of the Transgender & Christian YouTube Channel, has managed to condense his immense knowledge of the Christian transgender experience into this book, "Transforming: The Bible & the Lives of Transgender Christians." While much of today's study materials surrounding faith and the LGBTQ+ community centers around the LGB&Q experience, Austen, who is a transgender male, explores the intricacies surrounding the trans community & faith.

Bible, Gender, & Sexuality

When I went through the leadership cohort program for The Reformation Project in 2019, one of the textbooks that we worked with a lot was James Brownson's study on Bible, Gender, and Sexuality - and this text laid much of the groundwork for us as we began studying in-depth how Christianity CAN exist with our identities in the LGBTQ+ community. A must-read for anyone who wants a good academic framework about the Biblical case for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the church.

Walking the Bridgeless Canyon

In this book, Kathy Baldock does an amazing job of exploring the historical, cultural, medical, and political issues surrounding discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. In her studies she gives compelling arguments against the Christian ideology that pervades much of today's church when it comes to LGBTQ+ issues and inclusion. Kathy is one of the most well-respected researchers and well-known presenters in LGBTQ+ Christian circles, and this book is a must-read.

God and the Gay Christian

In this book, author, speaker, and teacher Matthew Vines explores the theological and Biblical arguments against same-sex monogamous relationships and gives compelling counterarguments. A must read for anyone wanting to delve deeper into their understanding of Biblical Christianity as it relates to the LGBTQ+ community.