We all need help from time to time.  I get it.  Whether you're someone who's exploring the possibility that you might be on the LGBTQ+ spectrum or if you're a parent who is trying to find ways to support your children in their journey, you'll find a collection of resources that I personally recommend here.

Q Worship Collective

When a Christian person comes out as LGBTQ+, they are most often removed from ministry and leadership roles within their church -- sometimes forcing them to leave the church community altogether. More and more, this story has become the norm for worship leaders all over the world who are working through not only coming out, but healing their relationship with music, worship, and the Divine.

Q Worship Collective is a fierce collective of divergent artists who have experienced parallel spiritual journeys delving into the intersection of holy and queer creative expression.

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The Good Fruit Project

Started as a joint effort between Q Christian Fellowship and The Trevor Project, the Good Fruit Project aims to do important work in helping to end the torturous practice of Conversion Therapy. Included in their site is a resource guide that helps parents, ministers, and the general public understand the importance of this work and give a Biblical answer against this practice and towards inclusion.

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Angel & Nicole

Not long after I first came out and began wrestling with my faith, Angel & Nicole Morris caught my attention with their YouTube channel. Their bravery in visibility and sharing their story and their in-process journey was refreshing and challenged me to take steps to try and document my own story, which ended up becoming this blog. They've recently begun working with Pastor Bailey Brawner of Mission Hills United Methodist Church to begin a new ministry called "The Voyage," aimed towards helping give LGBTQ+ Christians a place to belong.

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What if the word "homosexual" had never been put into the Bible? The question isn't as far-fetched as you might think. Kathy Baldock and Ed Oxford set out on a quest to discover how the Bible was translated to include homosexuality in 1946 - and the results call into question a large amount of the rhetoric and hatred that has been thrown towards LGBTQ+ people since. This film has the potential to correct a major sin that has been perpetrated by the church - a must see!

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Transmission Ministry Collective

Author and speaker Austen Hartke has created an amazing online community for the trans and gender non-conforming Christians looking for a place to belong. Free membership allows access to an online Discord server where all aspects of life are discussed privately, as well as access to teaching, study, and online support groups led by Austen and his leadership team.

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Church Clarity

If you identify as LGBTQ+ or are simply looking for a church that is affirming, the folks at Church Clarity have done a great job of putting together a ever-growing database of different churches across the United States and where they stand on different issues such as LGBTQ+ inclusion and leadership to women in ministry, etc. This site is a life-saver for so many people who simply want a safe space to worship in as they are. If that's you, I highly recommend this site.

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Side by Side

In January 2020, the church I was attending, City Church of Long Beach, hosted a one day seminar to open the conversation and explore the differences of how conservative and progressive Christians understand the Scriptures and experience surrounding human sexuality and gender identity. This is a great stepping stone for those who aren't sure what the different viewpoints are and why we hold to them.

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Austin Hartke, creator of the Transgender & Christian YouTube Channel, has managed to condense his immense knowledge of the Christian transgender experience into this book, "Transforming: The Bible & the Lives of Transgender Christians." While much of today's study materials surrounding faith and the LGBTQ+ community centers around the LGB&Q experience, Austen, who is a transgender male, explores the intricacies surrounding the trans community & faith.

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Forge Online

In 2019, friend and fellow Reformation Project Leadership Cohort alum Justin Hershey began interviewing and posting stories and resources of other LGBTQ+ Christians as a way to help bring awareness of our stories to those who may not have a personal understanding of what we face. This site is a great way to bring the human experience to what is often an academic study.

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Bible, Gender, & Sexuality

When I went through the leadership cohort program for The Reformation Project in 2019, one of the textbooks that we worked with a lot was James Brownson's study on Bible, Gender, and Sexuality - and this text laid much of the groundwork for us as we began studying in-depth how Christianity CAN exist with our identities in the LGBTQ+ community. A must-read for anyone who wants a good academic framework about the Biblical case for LGBTQ+ inclusion in the church.

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Walking the Bridgeless Canyon

In this book, Kathy Baldock does an amazing job of exploring the historical, cultural, medical, and political issues surrounding discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. In her studies she gives compelling arguments against the Christian ideology that pervades much of today's church when it comes to LGBTQ+ issues and inclusion. Kathy is one of the most well-respected researchers and well-known presenters in LGBTQ+ Christian circles, and this book is a must-read.

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God and the Gay Christian

In this book, author, speaker, and teacher Matthew Vines explores the theological and Biblical arguments against same-sex monogamous relationships and gives compelling counterarguments. A must read for anyone wanting to delve deeper into their understanding of Biblical Christianity as it relates to the LGBTQ+ community.

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This is why voting for #Biden is vitally important in the upcoming election. Vote however you want in the primary, but the @GOP is making it known that they want to create national policies that make the entire country unsafe for #trans people.

Perhaps the issue isn't teaching #abstinence so much as it is dismantling the conversation that tells males that "they won't be able to help themselves" and rather building a framework that places value on the humanity of other people.

In order to receive #GenderAffirmingSurgery (Bottom Surgery), I have to endure TWO YEARS of hair removal by electrolysis on the most sensitive area of my body. Look it up. The process is not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for someone who isn't sure.

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"Right now, therefore, every time we get the chance, let us work for the benefit of all..." Galatians 6:10, The Message

Do you want to join me in doing this work?  Are you struggling with wondering if you're really loved by God, just as you are?  Are you wondering how to best love your LGBTQ+ child?  Reach out - I'd love to hear from you!
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